‘I Grew Out Of A Flower, Shed My Skin, and Turned Myself Into A Skeleton”: Christian Wolfgang Breitkreutz

When we first came to view Christian’s work we were intrigued by the absolute raw intensity and elaborate titles. When viewing Christian’s work one may feel a sense of disturbance at first, an urge to that pulls the eye in different directions. This underlying feeling of confusion has the ability to draw viewers deeper into his work because after the disturbance comes the sense of longing, a feeling of great peace and understanding that the image itself is not to harm but to be the giver of hope. Much of what christian paints is from his own life experiences, a twist on the reality that he lives on a daily basis. For this sheer fact, audience has the job of pulling out the truth between the lines, to fill in the empty spaces with their own accusations of truth. The exhibition that now hangs on the walls of our gallery is one of great change, this is the most important detail that must be known for the viewer to rely on. Christian has allowed the adaptation of the pieces, their meanings, and their significance to be the product of the audiences own memories. The success of change is measured by the amount of skin we shed after the experience, or rather the growth of the soul when things have become different, new, even if the change was in no way a good one. It is about figuring out the purpose of events and the will to change for the better in any circumstance. In the end, the skeleton is all that remains after human morality ceases, in the end we lay down with nothing but our souls bared for the world; in all this truth comes one last defining moment, how well did you defeat your demons, how well did you fill yourself with grace? “There are many forms of and stages of life but only one conscious to you. It is our responsibility to experience as much of it as possible. Live all of your years with love and positive purpose because life is about movement! It takes growth and the courage to not only accept change but to embrace change!”








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