In 1978, Dr. Elena Kornetchuk opened an art gallery in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  In those days it was known as Russian Images because Dr. Kornetchuk had an exclusive agreement with the Soviet government.  After spending 1976 to 1978 negotiating with the Soviet foreign trade agency responsible for the Arts, she become the only officially licensed dealer in art from the former USSR to the USA.  As she began dealing with art from Western Europe and Asia, the gallery outgrew the name Russian Images, ltd. becoming International Images, Ltd. in 1983.  Five years later, International Images moved to the historic Flatiron Building in Sewickley, Pennsylvania.  This picturesque, upscale village features unique shops, galleries, and bistros.

Today, the gallery represents artists from Africa, Asia, Cuba, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Latin America, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Russia, and the United States.  Owner Dr. Elena Kornetchuk travels extensively in search of exotic and interesting artworks to exhibit and boasts an impressive collection from the traditional to the avante-garde, with a strong presence in pre-glasnost dissident art.  Prominent international artists such as Dzemma Skulme (Latvia), Alexander Bandzeladze (Georgia) and Andrei Gennadiev (Russia) have been gallery guests throughout the years.  Dr. Kornetchuk has also published numerous articles and catalogs about the artists represented.

International Images, Ltd. organizes cultural seminars abroad, including a fully licensed seminar to Cuba.
Although Dr. Kornetchuk is one of the preeminent experts on Russian art, she is also well versed in appraising art from all over the world.


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