The purpose of …

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
Pablo Picasso

Thanks Picasso for the lovely sentiment. International Images team would like to wish everyone a Happy 2014 (even if we are a little late on the draw). We have some changes coming our way this season and are excited to be bringing on new artists, new exhibits, new talks, new new new…everything NEW. And possibly a trip to Cuba in the works. For more great info and whats happening our way be sure to stay in tune with all of our lovely social media:


Twitter: @int_images

and Vimeo coming soon (we will be introducing a line of interviews of our amazing artists)….stay tuned for this one!

Fall Catalog 2013 now online!

We are proud to announce that our new Fall Catalog is out and ready to be seen! We are currently in the works of producing seasonal catalogs that display artists whose work is for sale in the gallery at this time. This Fall we present to the public the work of:

Vladmir Smirnov, Alexander Bandeladze, Rumen Rachev, V. Roubanov, Anatoli Kaplan, Humberto Castro Cruz, Dalia Kasciunaite, Demian Utenkov, Evgeni Rastorguev, Jean Vallieres, Jesus Lara, Joop Vegter, Jose Marquez Valdes, Juri Arrak, Leonid Semoiko, Marisabela Erminy, Mikhail Romadin, Natalia Klyova, Otari Kandairov, Pymea Pareb, Petio Marinov, Ricardas Bartkevicius, Sophie Kintsurahvili, Tamara Guseva, Dzemma Skulme, and Wim Bettenhausen.

Please feel free to browse the catalog, if you are interested in a piece and would like to know more please contact the gallery directly at or (412)741-3036

Fall Catalog 2013

The New Art of Wen Gao

International Images, Ltd. invites the Pittsburgh community to experience the art event, “The New Art of Wen Gao” with artworks by Pittsburgh artist, Wen Gao, on Friday, July 12, 2013 from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm. Wen Gao will be present to discuss his artistic process and philosophy.

Wen Gao was born in Beijing in 1957. Growing up in the midst of a cultural revolution where non-communist art was banned, he secretly studied the work of the French post-impressionist Master Paul Cezanne and German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. He organized cultural movements that stood for freedom of artistic expression, and was imprisoned numerous times without formal charges or trial, for a total of 7 years in duration. Wen Gao has sold thousands of pieces of work in China and the US, but in recent years, his focus has been on instructing young artists. Currently, Wen owns an art studio in Ross Township, Pittsburgh, where he teaches adults and children various art forms, including pastels, acrylics, oil painting, and sculpture.

“The New Art of Wen Gao” is an exhibition dedicated to the eclectic style and artistic vision of artist Wen Gao. His work is a dynamic, ever evolving process, shunning the notion of keeping to one style or medium. Heavily inspired by the ideals of freedom and expression, Wen strives to produce work that intellectually and visually stimulates while enforcing these ideals in the mind of the viewer. Featuring recognizable scenery from the Pittsburgh area, Wen portrays the ‘Steel City’ and its surrounding areas in a way that is all at once realistically complex, yet raw and simplified. With his vast artistic range spanning multiple styles, Wen is capable of creating lifelike images, comparable in style to the great masters who first influenced him. His brush strokes, broad and heavy, are puzzled piece by piece to form cohesive subjects that reflect and define his new style.

The exhibition will continue through August of 2013.